Interview with Caroline Tolman from High Point Property

Mum business owner property investor all while balancing family life

1) When did you first get started in property investment and why?

June 2017 - Our aim prior to this date was to buy a property with our savings and hold it until retirement age and hopefully make enough capital growth on said property to use the profit as our pension pot. My husband (massive Liverpool fan) saw a Robbie Fowler 2-hour property training workshop which we attended and this turned everything we thought we knew about property on its head. We decided to get stuck in and ultimately take action as we had 2 very young children at the time (3&1) and we wanted to create more time to spend with them. We haven't looked back since.


2) What strategy do you typically use to invest in property e.g. buy-to-let, BRR etc and why?

We went heavily into HMO when we started as our aim was to create a high monthly cash flow from the outset. This past year our focus has shifted back onto BTL to balance out our portfolio. With higher cash flowing strategies, the less passive the income becomes and vice versa.


3) What are your goals for your property investment business over the next few years?

Our goal is to double our portfolio over the next few years - rinse and repeat what we have already done.


4) Your favourite thing about property investing?

That no one day is the same, I'm always learning and meeting some great like-minded people. Before when I was working in my job I wasn't challenged and most days were pretty repetitive. Now I know the work that I'm putting in his helping our family to achieve our goals and dreams and not somebody else's. 


5) One bit of advice or a tip for any new property investors?

Reach out to people who are doing what you want to do and are where you want to be. Everyone had to start somewhere and most people I've met in this industry are more than happy to help.

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